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SciFinder is the online version of Chemical Abstracts, covering more than 52 million compounds. SciFinder sources include journals, patents, conference proceedings, dissertations, technical reports, books, and more. When searching SciFinder you can include the contents of MEDLINE and OLD MEDLINE. Years covered include 1907 to the present, plus selected pre-1907 items. Search options include topic, author, CAS registry number, patent number, CAS abstract number, chemical name, chemical structure, or molecular formula. Access to SciFinder is limited to those directly associated with Johns Hopkins Institutions. Users must have current JHED credentials (Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory) and have a Johns Hopkins issued email address. The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory is excluded from this license and has separate site license for that location. All users must first register and create their own account, and must use a Johns Hopkins issued email address. SciFinder is accessible off-campus via EZProxy or VPN remote access.
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