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This database currently only works with Internet Explorer for downloading full text articles. JHU has access to 6 groups (series) of journals from CNKI. They are Medicine & Public Health, Literature/History/Philosophy, Politics/Military Affairs/Law, Education & Socials Sciences, Electronic Technology & Information Science, and Economics & Management. The series are listed on the left; use the checkboxes to narrow or broaden your search. JHU only has access to the series with the checkmarks. CJFD是目前世界上最大的连续动态更新的中国期刊全文数据库。收录1994 年至今约 7486 种期刊全文,并对其中部分重要刊物回溯至创刊。至2005年12月31日,累积期刊全文文献1670多万篇。 产品分为十大专辑:理工A、理工B、理工C、农业、医药卫生、文史哲、政治军事与法律、教育与 社会科学综合、电子技术与信息科学、经济与管理。
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