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The online version of the Value Line Investment Survey (standard edition) provides data and analysis for approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy. This reputable publication is backed by an independent research staff of more than 70 experienced independent professional security analysts. The Ratings & Reports section contains one-page reports that include Value Line
Except for its secured rights to provide online or videostreaming access to NBC and CNN news segments through university subscriptions, the Vanderbilt Television News Archive primarily records, preserves, indexes, and sells copies of television news and special broadcasts of the national networks (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox News, NBC, CNN). Historical coverage begins with August 5, 1968 for the majority of the networks. Use this unique resource to identify particular content from news shows, down to the specific segment and time. Individuals may purchase copies of desired content directly from the Archive upon request. Some examples of special news broadcasts in the Archive include political conventions; presidential speeches and press conferences; Watergate hearings; the events of September 11, 2001; and the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
Vault is the Web's one-stop destination for millions of professionals who are job hunting - or just serious about managing their careers. (And, that's just about everyone in today's job market.) There are many new entries to the career information arena - but Vault has been gathering unbiased, insider information and data about companies, industries and specific jobs for more than 12 years. Users must create a personal account to access Vault.
Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachbereich erschienenen Drucke des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts. A database of books printed in German-speaking countries between 1501 and 1700. 20% of the titles included have links to digitized page images.
The images are provided as teaching aids for the training and education of veterinarians. There are approximately 350 images within this site. Liberties have been taken in grouping the parasites to provide a veterinary medical emphasis.
Victorian Popular Culture contains a wide range of source material relating to popular entertainment in America, Britain and Europe in the period from 1779 to 1930, and shows how interconnected these worlds were.
This online project presents those Ferrar Papers which are in Magdalene College, Cambridge. They are reproduced by permission of the Master and Fellows of the college, with whom the copyright remains. In addition, transcripts of those documents that throw light on the Virginia Company of London are included, as are the four volumes of The Records of the Virginia Company of London (Washington, D.C., 1906-35), edited by Susan Myra Kingsbury.
VHL is an integrated space of health information sources that promotes the democratization and expansion of access to scientific and technical information in health in Latin America and the Caribbean (LA&C). It is developed and operated by BIREME in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish).
Based upon the Voltaire Foundation Oxford edition of the Complete works of Voltaire (edited by T. Besterman et al.), this database includes all of Voltaire's literary works, searchable by keyword, title, literary form, and date of edition. Texts which have not yet been published in the Complete works are drawn either from the original sources or from the nineteenth-century Moland edition of Voltaire's works. Part of the ARTFL Project.
Methodology and methods of statistical analysis, economic and statistical information on the development of Russia, CIS and the world.
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