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Alphabetical list of databases to which JHU subscribes through the Gale Cengage platform.
The Gale Directory Library hosts a variety of directory products that particular libraries can choose from. Use it to search, sort and export information from both current directory editions as well as prior editions that are maintained as searchable backfiles. Multiple directories can be cross-searched or users can mine individual directories for the particular kinds of data they contain, such as financial information for companies, circulation figures for publications, and much more.
Gale in Context: Biography combines biographies with related full-text articles from magazines and newspapers, thousands images, and links to vetted websites. Search for current or historic figures based on name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death dates and places, or gender, as well as keyword and full text.
Focuses on the physical, social, and economic aspects of environmental issues. Topic, organization, and country portals form research centers around issues covering energy systems, health care, agriculture, climate change, population, and economic development. Portals include authoritative analysis, academic journals, news, case studies, legislation, conference proceedings, primary source documents, statistics, and rich multimedia
Search across Dictionary of Literary Biography, Literature Criticism Online, and Literature Resource Center at one time.
Gale Literature: Book Review Index is a comprehensive guide to book reviews that includes more than 5 million review citations from thousands of publications, with linking to more than 630,000 full-text book reviews.
Searches across all the subscribed Gale resources in one search.
The Gale Primary Sources database lets you search 24 databases simultaneously, including: Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Nineteenth Century Collections Online, 17th-19th century newspapers and periodicals, and Making of the Modern World.
Gale Virtual Reference Library's powerful delivery platform puts your reference content into circulation. Researchers will have the power to Search and share results, Create mark lists, Track research through search history, Share articles using InfoTrac InfoMarks® and more.
contains reports on audits, surveys, investigations, and evaluations of federal programs conducted by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). All published reports, testimonies, correspondence, and special publications are included (documents that are restricted or classified are not). GAO Comptroller General Decisions contain decisions and opinions issued by the Comptroller General in areas of federal law such as appropriations, bid protests, and federal agency rulemaking.
Analysis on the technology and communications industry. If desired, use My Profile to create your own account.
GenBank ® is the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences (Nucleic Acids Research, 2013 Jan;41(D1):D36-42). GenBank is part of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration, which comprises the DNA DataBank of Japan (DDBJ), the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), and GenBank at NCBI. These three organizations exchange data on a daily basis.
Gender Statistics is a database developed by the World Bank's Gender & Development Group (PREM Gender) in collaboration with the Development Data Group in the Development Economics Vice-Presidency (DECDG). The purpose of this database is to provide a one-stop source of statistics and indicators disaggregated by gender. Gender Statistics compiles data on key gender topics from a variety of national and international sources. These sources include national statistics, United Nations databases, and World Bank-conducted or funded surveys.
Gender Studies Database™ combines NISC's popular Women's Studies International and Men's Studies databases with the coverage of sexual diversity issues. Gender Studies Database covers the full spectrum of gender-engaged scholarship inside and outside academia. Several thousand links to freely available and indexed full-text articles and documents on the Web are available. Source documents include professional journals, conference papers, books, book chapters, government reports, discussion and working papers, theses & dissertations and other sources.
Gender: Identity and Social Change includes primary sources for the study of gender history, women’s suffrage, the feminist movement and the men’s movement. Other key areas represented in the material include: employment and labour, education, government and legislation, the body, domesticity and the family. Explore records from men’s and women’s organisations and pressure groups, detailing twentieth-century lobbying and activism on a wide array of issues to reveal developing gender relations and prevalent challenges.
GenderWatch enhances gender and women's studies, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) research by providing authoritative perspectives from 1970 to present. This well-established and highly reviewed resource offers over 260 titles, with more than 240 in full-text, from an array of academic, radical, community and independent presses. Researchers and teachers may access more than 219,000 full articles on wide-ranging topics like sexuality, religion, societal roles, feminism, masculinity, eating disorders, healthcare, and the workplace.
Easy-to-use and designed specifically for students and non-specialists, General Science Full Text is the first place to look for answers to science-related questions. This database features full text, plus the graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations that convey an abundance of scientific information.
These are reports from the Genetics and Public Policy Center, which is affiliated with Johns Hopkins University's Berman Institute of Bioethics. The reports cover areas of reproductive policy and law. More such reports can be found on the Center's website.
Genetics Home Reference is the National Library of Medicine's web site for consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes responsible for those conditions. The date of the last comprehensive review is at the bottom of each summary. Between annual reviews, the staff monitors recent findings and, with the input of experts in the field, incorporates new information as necessary.
A multidisciplinary database of indexed research literature on the earth sciences, including geology, human and physical geography, environmental sciences, oceanography, geomechanics, alternative energy sources, pollution, waste management and nature conservation. Covering thousands of peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, book series and conference proceedings, GEOBASE has the most international coverage of any database in the field.
Produced by the American Geological Institute, this database is a comprehensive geoscience database containing over 2.2 million bibliographic records from more than 3,000 journals and other sources. GeoRef provides coverage in subject areas such as mineralogy and crystallography, general mineralogy, mineralogy of silicates, and mineralogy of non-silicates.
GeoScienceWorld (GSW) is a nonprofit collaborative and comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the earth sciences, which is built on a core database of peer-reviewed journals and is integrated with the GeoRef index.
German Literature Collections brings together the complete portfolio of ProQuest German literature resources: Goethes Werke, Schillers Werke, Kafkas Werke, Brechts Werke, Die Deutsche Lyrik and, depending on your institution's subscription, the Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker.
This database is the definitive cross-cultural resource for information on women's history. It spans more than four centuries and 15 languages and includes over two million pages in full image. Users can trace the evolution of feminism within a single country, as well as the impact of that country's feminist movement on other countries and their movements. The Gerritsen Collection also provides immediate access to many primary sources from around the world that were previously available only in a limited number of rare book rooms.
GIDEON is an application that helps you diagnose infectious diseases and stay up to date on the latest trends in epidemiology and treatment. Licensed for 1 concurrent user.
This resource brings together manuscript, printed and visual primary source materials for the study of global commodities in world history. The commodities featured in this resource have been transported, exchanged and consumed around the world for hundreds of years. They helped transform societies, global trading operations, habits of consumption and social practices.
The Global Egyptian Museum (GEM) is a virtual museum showcasing Egyptian Antiquities. The GEM gallery already includes 6,600 fully treated objects from 10 European collections, with extensive documentation and colour photography. The number of objects displayed and the number of participating museums is increasing every year.
A comprehensive collection of financial and economic data, compiled from original data sources, covering more than 200 countries and extending back to 1000 AD (dates covered depend on each specific data series). Also included is a compilation of Total Return Data on Stocks, Bonds and Bills that extends back to 1694. Allows for tabular and graphical presentation, and data can be downloaded in Excel, CSV, and zip format. Also has an “AutoTrac” feature for creating, downloading, and updating personalized workbooks of user-selected data categories. Users can access the database upon creation of a personal account through these steps: 1) Click “New Member” underneath the banner towards the top of the page; 2) Scroll down to “Academic” at the bottom and click; and 3) Follow the prompt to create a member account, using your JHU e-mail address. This resource is licensed for all Hopkins + Hospitals in the US, international locations not included.
Includes a comprehensive set of tables with statistical data for 136 countries that report debt under the World Bank Debtor Reporting System, as well as summary data for regions and income groups. It also contains data on total external debt stocks and flows, aggregates, and key debt ratios, and provides a detailed, country-by-country picture of debt.
Global Health is a specialist international public health database for academics, researchers, public health practitioners, NGOs, policy makers, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and students. It combines the resources of the Public Health and Tropical Medicine (PHTM) database, previously produced by the Bureau of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases (BHTD), and the human health and diseases information extracted from CAB ABSTRACTS. Global Health provides an alternative, complementary point of reference with a broad analysis of foreign language journals, books, research reports, patents and standards, dissertations, conference proceedings, annual reports, developing country information, and other difficult to obtain material.
The Dictionary of old french language and all its dialects from the 9th to the 15th century (1881-1902) is “ the essential element ” of old French lexicography (Georges Matoré), a incomparable dictionary of more than 20 million words.
Goethes Werke im WWW umfaßt den vollständigen Text der 143 Bände der Weimarer Ausgabe. Jedes Wort der literarischen und wissenschaftlichen Werke Goethes, seiner Tagebücher und seiner Briefe ist in der Weimarer Ausgabe enthalten. Überdies werden sämtliche Abbildungen der Weimarer Ausgabe eingescannt. Die Datenbank umfaßt den gesamten wissenschaftlichen Apparat einschließlich der Lesarten, Paralipomena sowie Sach- und Personenregister. Goethes Werke im WWW enthält außerdem Goethes Gespräche, herausgegeben von Woldemar Freiherr von Biedermann, Leipzig, 1889-96, und Goethes Werke, Nachträge zur Weimarer Ausgabe, herausgegeben von Paul Raabe, München, 1990. Die Ausgabe der Gespräche von Woldemar Freiherr von Biedermann wurde ausgewählt, weil sie sich mehr als andere Ausgaben auf Goethes gesprochene Worte stützt. In den Nachträgen sind alle die Briefe Goethes gesammelt, die nach Fertigstellung der Weimarer Ausgabe entdeckt wurden. Hiermit liegt die vollständigste bestehende Sammlung der Briefe Goethes vor.
News archive search provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives. In addition to helping you search, News archive search can automatically create timelines which show selected results from relevant time periods.
All patents available through Google Patent Search come from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patents issued in the United States are public domain government information, and images of the entire database of U.S. patents are readily available online via the USPTO website.
Google Scholar searches academic publishers, professional societies and pre-print archives.
FDsys provides free online access to official Federal Government publications. FDsys enables GPO to manage government publications from Congress and Federal agencies that are submitted to GPO in digital form, gathered from Federal Government Web sites, and created by scanning previously printed publications. Through FDsys, GPO is utilizing new technologies and methods for acquiring, authenticating, preserving, and providing access to government publications in digital form.
GPO contains bibliographic citations to United States federal government publications from 1976 to the present. Based on the Monthly Catalog of US Government Publications, GPO contains references to books, reports, studies, serials, maps, and other publications. Topics covered include finance, business, demographics, agriculture, medicine, public health, and more. The database contains over 400,000 fully indexed bibliographic records. This database is on the FirstSearch platform.
This Database has been built using an un-corrected Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process on images from the 20th Edition of Moréri's Grand dictionnaire historique (Paris: Les libraires associés, 1759. It is part of the ARTFL Project.
One of the most important dictionaries of the French language, compiled on historical principles and giving comprehensive coverage of French from the 15th century to the present. Over 80,000 words, with etymology, pronunciation, analogies, synonyms and antonyms, and the history of each word’s development. Quotations with precise sources, and cross-references to other words.
This database contains about 310,000 government documents dating from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty (1368-1912), encompassing a wide variety of subjects. The database may be searched by responsible official, title, matter and document number. It is produced by the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. A special application must be installed to view the text images. The software can be downloaded from the service's home page. To access the database, click on “ 授權使用 ” button and input the user id and password. Please contact East Asian Studies Librarian ( or for the access credentials.
The Grand Tour was a rite-of-passage for many aristocratic and wealthy young men of the eighteenth century: a phenomenon which shaped the creative and intellectual sensibilities of some of the eighteenth century’s greatest artists, writers and thinkers. These accounts of the English abroad, c1550-1850, highlight the influence of continental travel on British art, architecture, urban planning, literature and philosophy. The Grand Tour is a wonderful source of information about daily life in the eighteenth century, highlighting such everyday issues as transportation, money, communications, food and drink, health and sex.
GreenFILE offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on the environmental effects of individuals, corporations and local/national governments, and what can be done at each level to minimize these effects.
The Guardian (1821-2003) and The Observer (1791-2003) offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue.
Guide to Congress is the ultimate reference source for comprehensive coverage of the history, powers, operation, and members of the U.S. Congress.
Guide to Political Campaigns in America is the first complete resource for scholarly and practical insight into every important aspect of political campaigns and campaign activities.
Guide to the Presidency is the leading reference for anyone seeking to understand the people who have occupied the White House and the presidency itself.
Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court explains everything readers need to know about the Supreme Court, from its origins and how it functions, to the people who have shaped it and the impact of its decisions on American life.
Guide to U.S. Elections provides comprehensive coverage of every major aspect of federal and gubernatorial elections throughout U.S. history. In addition to extensive narratives describing the evolution of U.S. elections, the development of the party system, and campaign finance, the Guide also provides extensive election gubernatorial, congressional, and presidential election data.
Brings together more than 500 titles dealing with this difficult and important topic. Included are periodicals, key compiled federal legislative histories, relevant congressional hearings, CRS Reports, Supreme Court briefs, and more. Links to nearly 500 scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and a balanced selection of external resources to further research this subject are also provided.
Gutenberg-e provides access to scholarly historical books published in electronic format. Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon foundation, the titles are selected and made available through a collaborative effort between the American Historical Association and Columbia University Press. Books selected for inclusion have undergone a rigorous academic review process and represent a range of subjects. The works include extensive documentation, hyperlinks to supplementary literature, images, music, video, and links to related web sites.
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