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This historical Baltimore newspaper provides genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time.
CitiStat is a performance-based management group within the Mayor's Office tasked with improving service delivery in Baltimore City.
The Baltimore Sun (1837-1993) offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue. The collection includes digital reproductions providing access to every page from every available issue.
Full-text access to the Baltimore Sun from 1990 to the present.
This is the complete text of the Furne edition of La Comédie humaine with a large collection of supporting documentation and additional resources developed by numerous participating Balzac scholars. Part of the ARTFL Project.
Search essential banking industry publications providing information about the financial services industry, banking, and industry trends.
Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examinations   more information (Only available to Homewood, SAIS, or Sheridan Library affiliated and JHMI users)
Now in its Fifth Edition and featuring completely reshot content and new clinical skills videos, Bates’ Visual Guide delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the (Advanced) Assessment or Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. The site features more than 8 hours of video content. Students and faculty in medical, nursing, and related programs will appreciate the careful attention to clinical accuracy, as well as the range of patient types profiled in the series. Institutions will benefit from the online delivery of content—available for the first time via IP-authenticated or referring URL access—allowing their users to view the videos from any web-based location or device. This resource is licensed for ONLY: JHMI East Baltimore, JH Bayview, JHU Homewood, and KKI.
BCC's market research reports concisely provide market intelligence, five-year forecasting, statistical and analytical data, key players, market share, industry structure and dynamics, technology trends and shifts, and the major developments of industrial, pharmaceutical, and high technology organizations. Among its 19 industry categories, areas of expertise include health care, advanced materials, high-tech systems and components, nanotechnology, and novel processing methods. Key analysts are available to address data-specific questions.
The BRFSS, the world's largest telephone survey, tracks health risks in the United States. Information from the survey is used to improve the health of the American people.
Digital Concert Hall provides streaming video of both pre-recorded and live concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic, along with other content such as interviews with composers and conductors. Requires establishing a personal account and login. Access is for 5 concurrent concert streams.
The Bible in English contains twenty versions of the Bible. In addition to twelve complete Bibles, there are five New Testaments, two Gospels and William Tyndale's New Testament, Pentateuch and Jonah translations.
Includes bibliographic references to monographs, periodical articles, critical editions of literary works, book reviews, bibliographies, congress proceedings, and other miscellaneous material published in Spain or abroad. It covers literature published in Spain from the Middle Ages to the present day as well as documenting critical writing related to Hispanic and Filipino authors writing prior to independence from Spain.
An essential tool for Italian linguistic and literary studies. Like the MLA International Bibliography, it indexes articles and book studies on Italian language and literature, from its origins to the present day. However the material indexed in Biglli is primarily in the Italian language.
Multidisciplinary Bibliography of Europe, North Africa and the Near East (300-1500). Covers monographs. Search screen is fully integrated with the International Medieval Bibliography which covers journals and miscellany volumes.
Online version of the essential index to literature in Germanistik. Covers only the years 1985 to present. Consult the print version for earlier years. Mit BDSL-online steht Ihnen ein Teil der wichtigsten germanistischen Bibliographie für Ihre Recherchen im Internet zur Verfügung. Sie umfasst derzeit die Jahrgänge 1985- der Druckfassung, insgesamt rund 180.000 Titel. Der Datenbestand wird nach und nach um weitere Jahrgänge ergänzt.
Nearly 40,000 records of the literary works of 300 American writers from the Revolution to 1930.
The on-line version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) contains records on all subjects (especially in the humanities and the social sciences) pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide.
The Royal Historical Society bibliography, which is hosted by the Institute of Historical Research, is an authoritative guide to what has been written about British and Irish history from the Roman period to the present day. It contains over 370,000 entries, including articles in journals and collective volumes, and including data from Irish History Online and from London's Past Online.
The Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) indexes important scholarly journals in art, art history, and related fields in the humanities focusing on visual culture of Europe and the Americas; it includes the complete database of Répertoire de la litterature de l'art (RILA). The coverage spans the years 1975 to 2007 and is succeeded by the International Bibliography of Art (IBA), which covers scholarship published from 2008 to the present.
BiblioNet: Cent classiques de la littérature française is a database of over a hundred classical French texts including the works of authors such as Balzac, Flaubert, and Zola. Texts range in date from 1100 to 1923.
Collection of over 600 works of Italian literature, from its origins to the end of the 1930’s. Includes complete works of the major Italian writers, as well as those of many minor and obscure writers as well, in PDF format. A Web-based version of the CD-ROM “LIZ” (Letteratura Italiana Zanichelli).
The BTL Online database provides electronic access to all editions of Latin texts published in the Bibliotheca Teubneriana, ranging from antiquity and late antiquity to medieval and neo-Latin texts.
Spanning more than 250 years and involving the publication of mass-produced, inexpensive books that were sold to peasants for pennies by colporteurs (peddlers). Includes texts ranging from the practical (recipes, almanacs, and how-to books) to the pious (hagiographies, prayer books, and other religious instruction) and to the entertaining (fiction, romans de chevalerie, songbooks, burlesque), providing a unique insight into the popular culture of 17th to mid-19th century France. The important collection at the Médiathèque de l'Agglomération Troyenne (MAT),l forms the basis of the Bibliothèque Bleue Online. Part of the ARTFL Project.
La bibliothèque des lettres brings together the contents of eight Bibliopolis collections and is part of the ARTFL Project. Users can now search all these works at once or restrict to one or more collections. Collections included: Autour du romantisme: le roman, 1792-1886. Biblionet: cent classiques de la littérature française. (Open to the Public) Corpus des oeuvres de philosophie en langue française. La Critique littéraire de Laharpe à Proust. Écrits sur l'art de Diderot à Proust. La Poésie française du Moyen-Age à la première guerre mondiale. La Révolution et l'Empire. Romanciers réalistes et naturalistes. Théâtre du grand siècle.
The BioCyc collection of Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs) provides a reference on the genomes and metabolic pathways of thousands of sequenced organisms. BioCyc PGDBs are generated by software that predict the metabolic pathways of completely sequenced organisms, predict which genes code for missing enzymes in metabolic pathways, and predict operons. BioCyc also integrates information from other bioinformatics databases, such as protein feature and Gene Ontology information from UniProt. The BioCyc website provides a suite of software tools for database searching and visualization, for omics data analysis, and for comparative genomics and comparative pathway questions.
Biography and Genealogy Master Index enables users to locate biographical entries contained in more than 1,000 volumes and editions of important current and retrospective biographical reference sources. This index contains citations that point to over 15 million biographies on nearly 5 million people, living and deceased, from all time periods, geographical locations, and fields of endeavor.
Biography Index: Past and Present is a trusted, biographical resource. Featuring retrospective coverage from Biography Index back to its first publication in 1946, it combines retrospective coverage with current indexing to produce a comprehensive biographical resource for students, scholars, media professionals, book clubs, and all researchers seeking biographical information.
For educators, students, media professionals, book clubs, researchers, and anyone looking for trustworthy information on notable individuals from antiquity through 1983, Biography Index Retrospective: 1946-1983 is an invaluable resource. Included are entries on individuals that reflect the perspective of the time when they were written.
This database provides access to a wide range of biology topics including some of the most popular information resources for users in academic, government and public research environments.
BioMed Central is an independent publishing house committed to providing immediate open access to peer-reviewed biomedical research.
BioOne is the product of innovative collaboration between scientific societies, libraries, academe, and the private sector, who seek a sustainable, mission- driven alternative to commercial publishing. BioOne brings to the Web a uniquely valuable aggregation of the full-texts of high-impact bioscience research journals. Most of BioOne's titles are published by small societies and not-for-profit publishers. BioOne provides integrated, cost-effective access to a thoroughly linked information resource of interrelated journals focused on the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.
BIOSIS Citation Index combines the carefully indexed life science coverage found in BIOSIS Previews (Biological Abstracts, Reports, Reviews, and Meetings) with the power of cited reference searching.
BIOSIS Previews® is the online version of Biological Abstracts® and Biological Abstracts/RRM® (Reports, Reviews, and Meetings), the largest collection of biological sciences records in the world.
Birds of North America Online provides life history information about the species of birds found in North America. Besides text, sound, video, and photos are included.
The BizJournals database is provided by the parent company of the Baltimore Business Journal and the Washington Business Journal. The JHU subscription covers these two markets plus 38 other major American cities, including enhanced digital versions of the print publications with up-to-the minute content, archives of past issues, links to news articles on a wide range of business-related topics, searchable digital editions of the popular “Book of Lists” for local business rankings of all 40 markets, and links to information about local business-oriented events. From the “Cities” menu, in the black bar at the top, choose your location to access the relevant journal or its Book of Lists. This database is limited to 20 simultaneous users.
An industry-specific database of average financial statement data for the most recent 5 years available. It includes dollar amount, percent-of-total, and business ratio figures by line item for income statements, balance sheets, and sources & uses statements. Reports are customizable by geographic location and company size range. A separate database contains income statement statistics and ratios for micro firms (sole proprietorships and startups). Also includes “Competitive Market Analyzer” and “Industry Market Reports” that provide market situational analyses by industry and geographic area, containing data on number of firms, firm size, firm entry and exit trends, revenue and employment trends, and more.
This collection searches a unique set of primary sources from African Americans actively involved in the movement to end slavery in the United States between 1830 and 1865.
Black Drama contains approximately 1200 plays by 201 playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies, and more. The database also includes selected playbills, production photographs and other ephemera related to the plays. Some 440 of the plays are published here for the first time, including a number by major authors.
Black Studies Center combines three invaluable resources for research and teaching in Black Studies: Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, International Index of Black Periodicals (IIBP), and The Chicago Defender. This fully cross-searchable gateway to Black Studies includes scholarly essays, recent periodicals, historical newspaper articles, and much more.
Black Thought and Culture contains 1297 sources with 1100 authors, covering the non-fiction published works of leading African Americans. Particular care has been taken to index this material so that it can be searched more thoroughly than ever before. Where possible the complete published non-fiction works are included, as well as interviews, journal articles, speeches, essays, pamplets, letters and other fugitive material.
Blackwell Reference Online now includes over 350 volumes, making it the largest online academic reference collection of its kind.
BLAST finds regions of similarity between biological sequences. The program compares nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases and calculates the statistical significance.
Bloomberg provides in-depth company profiles; real-time financial data; industry and market news; U.S. and international economic indicators; and quotes and technical analysis on U.S. and international securities. Licensed use is for the academic research of current JHU affiliates. Access is available from designated terminals at various JHU libraries. Please read this guide prior to your visit.
Features thousands of biographical entries on individuals who have contributed to the history of thought and philosophy.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics annually reports on the number of workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. Such information is useful in identifying industries with high rates or large numbers of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities both nationwide and separately for those States participating in this program.
BoardVitals is an interactive board review tool that can be used by practicing physicians, medical students and residents. With BoardVitals, you have the ability to create customized practice tests using many options including number or questions, subjects and more. Also included are detailed, up-to-date explanations with each answer, with references and links to applicable sources. Subscription includes USMLE Step 1-3, Emergency Medicine, Otolaryngology, Pain ... etc exam questions. Requires registration with your Johns Hopkins email address. JHU email domains included on subscription are, and
Indexes over 30,000 editorially selected books with 10,000 new books added each year —2005 to present.
Indexes over 30,000 editorially selected books with 10,000 new books added each year; 2005 to present.
Book Review Digest Plus is an essential library tool that brings together book reviews on a wide range of topics, from a variety of sources. Unlike reviews on book-sale sites and the open Internet, many of the reviews are serious, academic works. This invaluable resource for literary and biographical research is essential for readers’ advisory and collection development.
Reflecting nearly eight decades of H.W. Wilson’s Book Review Digest, this Retrospective database provides excerpts from and citations to reviews of adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction. Virtually every major idea that shaped the 20th century found expression in books. The reactions to those ideas are reflected in the reviews of those books, and this database makes it easy to search this vast record of information.
Books 24x7   more information (Only available to APL users)
Two Books 24x7 collections are available to researchers at the Applied Physics Lab (APL). The ITPro collection features books about all aspects of information technology from office and mobile applications to information security and networking. The BusinessPro collection offers books on management, human resources, marketing, business analysis, social media, quality, and finance.
Sponsored by Bowker, leads to reviews, author pages, and book industry information.
Originally the personal library of the Brazilian diplomat, historian, and journalist Manoel de Oliveira Lima--the Oliveira Lima Library--has long been regarded as one of the finest collections of Luso-Brazilian materials available to scholars. Spanning the “long” 19th century, this collection turns the spotlight on Latin America’s largest and most influential power, covering topics such as colonialism, the Brazilian independence period, slavery and abolition, the Catholic Church, indigenous peoples, immigration, ecology, agriculture, economic development, medicine and public health, international relations, and Brazilian and Portuguese literature.
The first authorised electronic edition is based on Bertolt Brecht, Ausgewählte Werke in sechs Bänden, Jubiläumsausgabe um 100. Geburtstag, edited by Werner Hecht, Wolfgang Jeske and Jan Knopf. In German; choice of menus in German and English. Published in cooperation with Suhrkamp Verlag.
The Cross Database Searchtool (CDS) enables the user to search two or more full-text Latin databases that are part of ‘Brepolis Latin’ simultaneously. ‘Brepolis Latin’ consists of the following full-text databases: the Library of Latin Texts (Series A and B), the electronic Monumenta Germaniae Historica, the Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature and the Aristoteles Latinus Database.
Brill has a collection of major reference works with world renowned titles. JHU has access to The Encyclopaedia of Islam, Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World, Brockelmann Online, and Africa Yearbook Online.
British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries (BWLD) includes the immediate experiences of approximately 500 women, as revealed in over 100,000 pages of diaries and letters: primary materials spanning more than 300 years.
British Libraries (Copac) guides researchers to rare and unique research material by bringing together the catalogues of over 70 major UK and Irish libraries, including the British Library, Oxford and Cambridge universities, the Middle Temple Library, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Library, the National Trust, and Kew’s Botanical Gardens.
The British Library Newspapers 1732-1950 is one of the richest collections of primary source material in the world. This collection contains full runs of 48 newspapers specially selected by the British Library to best represent nineteenth century Britain. This new collection includes national and regional newspapers, as well as those from both established country or university towns and the new industrial powerhouses of the manufacturing Midlands, as well as Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
British Literary Manuscripts Online, c. 1660-1900, presents facsimile images of literary manuscripts, including letters and diaries, drafts of poems, plays, novels, and other literary works, and similar materials.
This database provides access to the searchable full text of hundreds of periodicals from the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth, comprising millions of high-resolution facsimile page images. Topics covered include literature, philosophy, history, science, the social sciences, music, art, drama, archaeology and architecture.
BrowZine works by organizing the articles found in Open Access and subscription databases, uniting them into complete journals, then arranging these journals on a common newsstand. The result is an easy and familiar way to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals across the disciplines. Mobile device instructions can be found here.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) promotes a better understanding of the U.S. economy by providing the most timely, relevant, and accurate economic accounts data in an objective and cost-effective manner. BEA is an agency of the Department of Commerce. Along with the Census Bureau and STAT-USA, BEA is part of the Department's Economics and Statistics Administration.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.
Offering a multitude of business magazines and scholarly journals, this comprehensive database is an ideal resource for those looking to conduct research or find information in any area of business. Business Abstracts with Full Text™ contains full-text articles from hundreds of key publications, and provides access to product evaluations, interviews, biographical sketches, corporate profiles, obituaries, surveys, statistical rankings, book reviews and reports from associations, societies, trade shows, conferences and more.
This database contains company, industry, economic and geopolitical market research from three sources, including Hoover's Company Profiles, OxResearch from Oxford Analystica, and Snapshots.
This annual Gale series of electronic books, from 1993 to present, is intended to help entrepreneurs who seek assistance on creating business plans for their small businesses. The resource mainly provides sample business plans from actual businesses in the manufacturing, retail and service industries. Names and addresses, and sometimes product names, have been changed to maintain confidentiality. Entries cover a wide range of business types, from bakeries to manufacturers of fiber optics or from electronic publishing to disposable medical supplies. Users can search by edition/date, keyword, title, subject, and other parameters. A help feature provides numerous tips on search optimization. Additional features include: a directory of the 750 Small Business Development Centers in the United States that provide support and advice; a glossary of small business terms; and a bibliography for further reading.
Business Source Ultimate is the world's definitive scholarly business database, providing the ultimate collection of bibliographic and full text content. As part of the comprehensive coverage offered by this database, indexing and abstracts for the most important scholarly business journals back to 1886 are included. In addition to the searchable cited references, Business Source Ultimate contains detailed author profiles for the most-cited authors in the database. Journal ranking studies reveal that Business Source Ultimate is the overwhelmingly superior database for full text journals in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance and economics. Additional full text, non-journal content includes financial data, books, monographs, major reference works, book digests, conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses and more.
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