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Siku Quanshu Online

The online edition of Siku Quanshu spans five thousand years of Chinese history, geography, politics, economics, science, technology, philosophy, and close to 3,500 works with a total of more than 36,000 volumes. The compilation contains large numbers of rare books and manuscripts and is an important tool for East Asian Studies. Access to Siku Quanshu Online is restricted to Johns Hopkins University IP addresses. Because the database contains archaic Chinese characters that are not part of the Unicode standard, there is no direct URL that references the database in an internet browser. Instead, the user needs to download a special browser software from the publisher. Once the software is installed, the database can be launched from the Programs menu on the user’s computer and then accessed by clicking on 'IP Login'. Currently, the database publisher cannot provide remote access support. The user needs to be on campus to access the database, either using their own computer with installed special browser software or the CJK workstation in the AV Department on the A level of the MSE Library. For the browser software download, click the SIku Quanshu Online link or go to
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